Airport Pickup

If you arrive in Vietnam, or if you plan to come in the future with your dog, cat, or even ferret, do not hesitate to contact us for any information about the import procedures. We offer a full reception service to the airport: administrative documents, transportation from the airport to your house.

Our help will avoid you a long waiting time at the airport, and some potential trouble with a complicated procedure, and possible difficulties related to language comprehension when passing customs and with the quarantine center, for example, the risk that your pet is retained in quarantine.

In case your home is not ready yet and to avoid your pets have to fly alone. We can arrange for your pets to stay in the kennel, you’re all welcome to visit him /her every day if you want.

Entry Requirements to Vietnam

Rabies vaccination certificate: all animals must have the original certificate of vaccination against rabies (included in the passport for animals from the EU) of which shall appear the date of vaccination and the duration of protection afforded by the vaccine (1 year or 3 years depending on the country). It must be an inactivated vaccine.

An international health certificate: this standard health certificate must be completed by your veterinarian, signed and stamped by the state veterinary services in your country. This certificate must be issued within 7 days before departure.