We can board your pet during your holidays or business trips. Our cattery is located in our clinic. Your cat will be housed in a comfortable cage and will have a daily or twice-daily output in the cattery. Our kennel, fully renovated in 2013 with the cage size standard Australia & New Zealand, is located near the international airport Noi Bai, Soc Son District. The kennel, spacious, has individual stalls appropriate for the size of your dog, and is equipped with carpets and pillows. All equipment and stalls are cleaned and disinfected between each dog. Your dog will go out for a walk at least twice a day in a yard (fully fenced), where he can play with other dogs, at the condition that he is friendly with other dogs, and of course under supervision. You are free to bring your animal's favorite toys and his basket so that he feels more comfortable with the familiar smells of his house. During his stay with us, your companion is guaranteed to be fed with Royal Canin and bottled water.

We carry attentive and loving care for all our residents; be assured of their safety and well-being during their stay. You can also request more specific conditions, and we can adjust our rates. In addition, you can book other services during the stay of your pet, such as grooming (bath, nail trimming, cutting or shearing hairs), vaccination, parasite control…

For the health of all our residents, evidence of vaccination and recent treatment against fleas, ticks, and internal parasites are required. If the last deworming and treatment against fleas has been done for more than a month, we will give a deworming treatment to your pet and treatment against fleas and ticks on arrival, and the cost of such treatment will be charged.