The veterinary team is able to perform surgeries: neutering, abdominal surgeries, and some soft tissue surgery (resection of tumors …).

To ensure the safety and comfort of your pet before, during, and after an operation, management of pain and anti-infective protocol are included in every surgical procedure. Be aware that for every surgery, your pet should be fed 12 hours prior to surgery, in order to limit the risk of false swallowing during anesthesia. Following the surgery, your pet will remain under our supervision until he/she is fully awoken and able to go home. Our fees include monitoring and removing stitches about 10 days after the operation.

For most neuterings, the veterinary team will perform a health check before the surgery to make sure your pet is fit to be anesthetized. This health check is included in the price of surgery, excluding supplementary examinations which are sometimes needed (blood tests, x rays, … ). On this occasion, we will ask you also to pay in advance one-third of the surgery price, when making an appointment for the day of surgery.